Thursday 31 May 2007 11:46PM

It has been a LONG time since I have written here.  If you happen to come across this writing, thank you for checking in.
I do appreciate it.
You may or may not be aware that a LOT has changed in my life in the past year. 
Most importantly, I am now a proud father. 
A year later, I have gained new appreciation of life and the value of life.
I have found more clarity in my life, more sanity in my thoughts, and less idle time than ever before. 
It is all a big change.
And I am optimistic

When I can, I am working in my studio on a variety of new ideas.
What I am finding the most excitement in right now is "Urban Landscapes".
I feel that is a simple and accurate way to summarize the imagery that I am most excited about at present. 
The change is that I am working more in photography than painting. 
However, I am combining the two mediums in cleaner and polished ways.  And I like it.  It is a good change.
It fits my current lifestyle and it fits into my set of responsibilities.
It fits into my home and into the lives of my family.
There is much cause for optimism.

I am fascinated by the change that is taking place in the cities I frequent. 
Neighborhoods evolve before my eyes.
Changed modern ridges of steel and glass takes shape along the horizon. 
Change is inevitable. 
This train cannot be stopped.
The only way to enjoy to ride is to remain optimistic.

Much like so many aspects in our world.  I find hope and cause for optimism.  Although living in a
culture of fear is not healthy, it is unavoidable.  Hope for change breeds optimism.
Cautious and restrained Optimism.

Thank God that change is inevitable.