Tuesday 12 June 2007  1:43AM

Well today was a good day.  I am working on a new panoramic piece of the
Portland skyline from the Fremont Street Bridge. 
Yes, with the help of my Dad, I was up last Sunday morning at 5am, parked on the
shoulder of the 205 freeway, on the Fremont Street Bridge taking photos of downtown
Portland at sunrise.
Thankfully, Oregon state law allowed us to legally do what common sense generally
would not.
We survived and I owe my parents for their patience with me in escorting me through
industrial and transitional areas of Portland as I searched for the shots I wanted.
Thank you guys!

Some of you who have been to my studio recently may have noticed that I have a
fascination with gas masks and a few other war relics.   I am generally not a supporter
of war unless it is absolutely necessary.  I won't get started on my political beliefs because
at the moment, I feel that any attempts at persuasion I may embark upon would be futile and pointless.
And I am tired of being upset about it.
Did you see the movie "Children of Men"?  I recommend it. 
Anyhow, the following picture is just part a loose idea I am working on.  I know, it's creepy.
That's the point.
Thanks for reading.