Thursday 6 April 11:48AM

This week I have been working on some video projects in collaboration with sound engineer Dave Hughes.  Dave's expertise has been essential in helping me to edit scenes and create music and sound effects to enhance the viewing experience.  More information about Dave Hughes' studio can be found at  We are  joining forces to bring a series of short films to the public in the coming months.  Stay tuned for further details about upcoming video projects to be released by Oakland Independent Filmmakers with the help of Shine On Studio and Tyrannosaurus Records.

It may be obvious that I have always been fascinated with visual media.  Paint, ink, photography, film...  it is all related.  It is generally accepted that audio is not a necessary component in visual media.  However, when additional senses are tapped, a visual experience can only become more intense.  With the careful application of sensory stimulation, an artist can create sensations in the viewer as he sees fit.  This knowledge is not a new and profound breakthrough.  However, with the addition of various sensory stimuli, the possibilities are limitless and the potential for new and exciting artistic endeavors is endless.  

Creating a storyline that is simple yet engaging is a challenge.   Personally I enjoy the challenge of providing a viewer with a simplified chain of events that outlines a story line yet leaves many of the details to the imagination.  The process of artistic creation is not always fun, almost never easy.   The reward lies at the finish line.

A lot is going on this week.  contractions.  multiple hospital visits.  creative bursts. 
temporary insanity.  I am doing my best to embrace it all.