Thursday 23 February 2006  9:27PM

back in oakland tonight.  escaped south to monterey and carmel for the past few days. 
much needed getaway.  spent two days painting ...watercolor.

when i was in high school, my teacher forced us to paint with watercolors for a period of time before we were allowed to attempt acrylics.  i would not say i hated watercolor but was relieved to switch to acrylics.  now i find it refreshing to go back to watercolor periodically.  i find the discipline and focus that is required to be a healthy artistic stimulant. 

watercolor helps me to step back and really give serious consideration to process. 

it is easy to neglect the importance of  "process" in art.  true, many will argue that it is not necessary or even beneficial to a work of art.  others would swear that no good  art could happen without it.  i am somewhere in the middle.  given the choice, i would rather let chance take the reigns of process.  however, realist watercolor generally cannot afford this luxury. 

when i paint, i battle with the internal desire to work carefree & loose. that ingrained and overbearing tendency to be meticulously deliberate with every brushstroke will rarely let me be. i know this will change someday. 
everything evolves in its own time.

watercolor, to me, is an emotional roller coaster.  every time my brush touches the surface of the paper, new and brilliant changes can happen.  but just as easily a tragic slip of the brush can fudge up an entire  day of general success. 

takes me from  extremely satisfying to excruciatingly frustrating several times over throughout a single sitting.