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The following photographs were taken from:
The Story of Anne Frank
Anne Frank House
Menno Metsalaar, Ruud van der Rol
Translated by Arnold J. Pomerans
©Anne Frank Family photographs: Anne Frank Stichting, Amsterdam/Anne Frank Fonds, Basle.
©2004, Anne Frank Stichting, Amsterdam

All photographs are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced in any form
without prior written permission  from the publisher.

Anne Frank House
P.O. Box 730
1000 AS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Anne was given this diary on her thirteenth birthday.
Anne pasted a photograph of herself onto the first page of her diary, with the comment, "Gorgeous photograph, isn't it!!!!"
Anne, at almost 2 years old.
These photographs of Anne and Margot Frank in Aachen were taken by a local photographer in October 1933.  They and their mother were staying with their grandmother.  By then, Otto Frank had already been living in Amsterdam for a few months.  He was hard at work getting his new company off the ground.
Now and then Anne went with her mother to visit her father at work.  She is standing here on the steps outside Otto Frank's business premises.
Photos of Anne pasted in her diary from May 1935 through May 1942.
1)  The front of Otto Frank's business premises in Prinsengracht (third from left).  When you stand in front of the building, you would never think that there is another entire building at the back.

2)  The people working at the warehouse knew nothing about the hiding place at the back.  The photograph shows the front of the warehouse with the door giving onto the street.

1) The staircase the helpers climbed every day.  It comes out onto the landing in front of the moveable bookcase.

2)  The moveable bookcase hiding the entrance to the Annexe.

1)  The moveable bookcase hiding the entrance to the Annexe.

2)  The only windows in Anne's small room.  The curtains were always drawn.  Sometimes Anne would peer outside through a crack.

  A few years ago, the Secret Annexe was completely refurnished for a film.  The following color photographs of the rooms in the Annexe were taken on that occasion.

1) Otto and Edith Frank's room.  Anne's parents slept with Margot in this small room.  Margot had to make do with a camp bed.  The private office was right under this room.

2)  Anne's small room, which she had to share with Fritz Pfeffer.

1)  Peter's room.  Anne sometimes envied Peter because he had a room of his own.

2)  The attic was chiefly used for storing food, such as beans and potatoes.

Four women in a goods wagon traveling to one of the extermination camps in Eastern Europe.
These Jewish children and the woman with her baby are being sent straight to the gas chamber.
The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank became a famous book.  It was translated into more than sixty languages, and 25 million copies of it have been sold so far.