Monday 20 March 2006 2:29AM

Tonight I saw David Gray at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.  A very solid performance.  Feeling a little fired up and wanting to be creative.  Now.

It is tough.  What do you do when you dunno what to do?  I am pretty sure everyone has come to that point at least once or twice.  When you have ideas and thoughts...  but how to make them into images.  This past Friday was St Patrick's Day.  North Beach was swerving in a bad way by 5pm.  The neighborhood had been invaded and it felt ugly.  Yet peaceful Irish tunes still blared from the loudspeakers on Green Street.

I wonder if St Patrick was watching this woman wander dazed and bruised by the unforgivable fist of some thoughtless monster.  In and out of traffic, stunned with awful bloody bruises, she stumbled past me muttering incoherently.   I felt like I was the only one who noticed her. 

Curiously, I have seen utter strangers in this community join forces to stop traffic and keep an attractive young woman's  Chihuahua from running into traffic.
And no one helped this woman who had been beaten so bad that half of her face was as dark as a plum.

Why is it that today violence is so often seen only through a blind eye?  I wonder how our cities and  communities will evolve over the next 30, 100 or 400 years.  In many ways, it is painful and terrifying to think that things will get worse.   If things are to improve, there  needs to be major change.  There needs to be a radical shift in thought throughout the world, starting with the Self.  Society needs to protect our children, care for her needy, and work to bring about social change.  We need to focus on family and protecting our environment for future generations. We need to become less wasteful and more conscious of the impacts of our actions.   Can it happen?  Why do I have such trouble seeing a bright future for America?


Now let me tell you, it is all about ME ME ME.  It has become clear to me recently that we have become a somewhat materialistic society.  Yes I know, it is hard to believe it, but we stomp on the weak and the poor after we have taken anything they had to give.  This is what is necessary in order to achieve happiness (i.e. money).  And it is really just terrific because it is just the beginning of a wise investment in my great future. 

Now remember that since we also abuse our children and neglect our elders, we are being fair to all.  Not to be left out, the crazy and/or  homeless folks are best off ignored or allowed to waste away, preferably out of sight.  The rest of us will just keep working to make as much money to buy as much stuff as we can.  But really, quality "Art" and "Music" are no longer worth my time or money.  Think about it, that stuff is just a waste of everyone's time and money.  Just for the record, only foolish lonely folks subscribe to religion.  We should all know this by now.  Of course people may say we are "One nation under God" but seriously, times have changed.  True spirituality can really only be found in a bottle or via a hit so who needs a "god" anyways?  And it is not like the world needs a god to keep things running smoothly around here - we are doing that just fine on our own! 

It is important that we fight wars only if the price is right.  War is big business and fortunately business is good these days.  You see, war is an investment in the future. " Genocide" is just not worth stopping when it isn't costing me a dime!  And anyways, the victims of today's genocides are sick and poor (and they could also be lonely, homeless, or mentally ill) so why would we bother saving them?  Genocides come and then they go, what is the big deal?  Sudan is just a wasteland with no oil.  We have to invest wisely. 

Now, if their leaders had control of vast oil fields, we might go to war for them. Not against them because we are all for human rights (Except when we need to detain and torture terrorists or folks who might be terrorists.  Civilians get in the way too often, but it's better if you just don't count them.)  Hey, at least we are keeping track of Americans who died for the cause!  Remember we gotta watch out for Number One!

Well, it sure is great being an American these days.  I always feel a lot of pride in the things we stand for. It is always encouraging to know we have troops in 2/3 of the countries of the world.  The last 1/3, well they are all too poor and not worth our time or they are  our enemies and we'll be there sooner or later.   I am glad that things are going so well in Iraq and all the cities and towns of America.  I am glad there is no poverty in America's cities and towns or drugs in high schools. I am glad everything is so fair and our priorities are all squared away.   It is nice to live in a country that is led by the greatest minds of this modern era.  I enjoy life with my blinders on, but I can still feel the sun.  I always feel safe and I know America will only become stronger, wealthier, and more powerful for hundreds of years to come.