7 February 2006  11:48 PM
Today I saw the Chuck Close at SF MOMA
http://www.sfmoma.com/exhibitions/exhib_detail.asp?id=208 and was simply blown away.  It was incredible to see his works in person.  It was truly humbling.  If you have not seen his work, I highly recommend you take the journey into his work.  There is nothing like it.  My Self Portrait in Squares is a tribute to his genius. 
Today at the West Oakland BART station, I saw a cop pushing a stroller with a baby.   I saw the stroller parked between two cruisers while the cops wrote reports.  I wondered what happened to the mother. 
I wondered what kind of future this child would have. 
A few minutes later, I saw a tweaking crackhead mother pushing her stroller & baby while screaming obscenities at passersby and someone on a cell phone.  It made me very sad.
I wondered what kind of future this child would have. 
Tonight my friend had a gun pointed at his forehead so someone else could have his cell phone. 
I realize how close we come to dying every day.
I wonder who I would be kidding if I thought things were worse than they've been before?

And I wonder what kind of future my child will have.