6 November 2005
Today I spent a good deal of time updating my website, basically doing some "chores" that  I had been putting off for some time.  Trying to make the site a bit more user-friendly.    I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labors.

For the past 10 days there has been serious rioting going on in France in reaction to police corruption and a racist system that has been largely ignored in that country.  It would appear that France is long overdue for a civil rights movement of sorts.  It will be interesting to see how that situation pans out.  There has also been a great deal of Anti-American protests taking place for several days in Argentina in reaction to President Bush's visit.  The wars continue with no end in sight as Bush's approval ratings continue the slide on down to their lowest point yet.   I have to assume at this point that he simply does not care.  Why should he? 

Am I the only one who often feels helpless to bring about drastic change? 
Apparently I am not alone.

Although it is difficult to admit, with little stretch of the imagination, it is easy to see that humanity is a parasite to "our" planet.  But we need to believe that in our own little lives we can make a difference in small but important, and positive ways. 

I do not see this as a pessimistic possibility; I see this as reality.  This perspective does not make me appreciate life any less, or believe that my existence is not important to the present or the future.  Quite to the contrary, this understanding makes it easier to appreciate life at face value and keep all aspects of life and death in perspective.  It makes me want to treat others as I would like myself and my loved ones to be treated.  It encourages me to make a difference by reaching out to others, conserving our natural resources, taking a stand for what I believe in and making a difference any way I can.  

We have to trust that our actions carry on through the people we meet and the lives we touch.  The chain reaction of our choices begins as soon as we have acted.  When we do not make a difference in someone else's life, our own lives become meaningless.

Like the paint that cracks and peels
I'm only growing older.
While prayers and dreams that my heart feels
Are only growing bolder.   
-26 Sept 2005 by Luke Dollar