4 November 2005
After last night I feel that I need to start writing a little online journal to share some of my thoughts with those of you who may be interested.
Why last night?
Last night was "First Thursday" in San Francisco and a date that had been on my calendar since the beginning of 2005.  I do not mark every first Thursday on my calendar.
Last night was the opening of Austrian painter
Gottfried Helnwein's new show at Modernism, Inc.
It was the first opportunity that I have had to meet this brilliant artist in person.
For those not familiar with Helnwein's work, prepare for a jolt.  His work is not exactly offensive, nor is it not completely shocking.
It is unnerving.  It is bold.  It is fresh, polished, clean, and provoking.
Gottfried is a very approachable person.  I was very impressed with his personable nature and wish that I could have spoken at length with him.
It is strange that when I met him,  I could not find much to say
except to tell him that his work was an inspiration to me, and simply beautiful.
I also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Helnwein's daughter, Mercedes Helnwein.  Mercedes herself is a very talented Los Angeles-based artist who has recently published a book with Alex Prager. 
www.mercedeshelnwein.com to see her work and read her writings.
Marilyn Manson made an appearance at the show as well.  It was strange to be so close to this character.
Go to the following link to see a sample of Helnwein & Manson's collaboration. 
I know not everyone can appreciate the artistic contributions that are made by Gottfried Helnwein or Marilyn Manson.  However, their impact on modern art and music respectively cannot be denied. 
A quote that I attribute to Gottfried Helnwein that I feel is quite appropriate:
"A work of art is as good or bad as the reaction to it."