3 February 2006
Hello there,

I know I have not done much in this section of my site lately, so if you are reading this, thank you for keeping tabs on me.   I hope you are having a good year thus far.   2006 is bringing new and challenging times to me but things are going well. 
If you are in the Bay Area and were not able to see my work at the Maison Nouveau show, the next opportunity is rapidly approaching.
(Special thanks go out to Lily Good for putting together a successful show!)

There is a new opportunity to view some work in San Francisco.  Running from February through April, I will be exhibiting works at the Bank of America branch in North Beach.  Feel free to stop in and see a sampling of my work from 2004-5.  More information:
B of A show opening mid-February 2006
Below I added a few drawings from my sketchbooks and journals.  For those who have not heard yet, I am going to be a father!  Yes, I know this is a shock and the latest development is that I will be proud daddy of a baby girl!  ...The naming process begins.  Many beautiful and thoughtful suggestions have come to light and it has been suggested that I put the naming rights on eBay.  Stay tuned for the auction date.

Thank you to all those who have offered their support through love and prayers...
and cute baby girl outfits already (!!!)

And what else is worth mentioning this foggy Friday morning?  That's all folks.

Pic from the 17-mile drive near Pebble Beach,
Carmel, CA - January 2006

ABOVE:  Sketch from my book of Ventilations 17 Jan 2006

ABOVE: Sketch from SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church in San Francisco
Quote behind the sketch reads as follows:

"When you were born, you Cried
And the world Rejoiced.
Live your life so that when you die,
The world Cries and you Rejoice."
-Cherokee Expression


Sketch from Mountain View Cemetery - Oakland, CA