Friday  8 June  2007  2:12AM

The past week was spent in Portland, OR with family and friends.   Taking photos around town brought back many memories
as I shot photos of places that I have been several times before.  Places I have taken photos many times before.
I particularly enjoy shooting photos around the evolving Pearl District and waterfront area.
The beautiful old buildings grudgingly give way to the new construction.
The derelict old structures are first left to rot and finally removed altogether.
Fragments of the past remain. 
Some deliberate, others purely for economic reasons.
Yet, In every detail, there is a story.

As you may have noticed, my writing here in this journal has become less "creative" and I am using this "Writings" section
of my website to share some of my photos with you.  Forgive my hazy thoughts and words...notice the time above...
I hope you enjoy.
Thank you for keeping up with my site.