Thursday January 22 2009  4:26PM
Well it has been nearly a year since I wrote anything new in this section.  That might lead one to believe that my year has been rather tame and uneventful.  Not the case.  Since the last update here in March of 2008, I had a year rich with art, family, culture, parenthood, good friends and good times.  I was able to make trips down to Los Angeles, Orange County, Big Sur, Monterey and Santa Cruz.  I road tripped to Spokane, Seattle, Portland and along the Northern California coast.  I spent the better part of a week in Manhattan with Liz and Alexis, visited Washington DC with my family for a week and was introduced to Alexandria, Virginia.  I flew out to London for a week of solo adventuring, which included a great reunion with my old pal Eason.  I also was able to experience the incredible exhibition of Francis Bacon original paintings at the Tate Modern, which included some 70 original canvasses.  Needless to say, it left me speechless.  This past Fall semester, I also started working on a Masters program through the Academy of Art University here in San Francisco.  The coming year has trips to LA, Seattle, Portland, NYC, DC, possibly San Diego and Atlanta.

The past year has brought some wonderful new acquaintances into my life.  These people have elevated my openness to making new friends and  building new relationships.  But not to be outdone in the roller coaster of life, a different certain someone who I believed was to play an important role in my life and more importantly, that of my daughter, disappeared with nary a word.   Personally I feel insulted but I ache more for my daughter and the others most directly affected by the  cold abandonment.  I vow that I will never leave those who love me in such a disrespectful and self-serving manner. What rises to the top for me is not anger.  It is a sick feeling born of the realization that sometimes you think you really truly know someone but you actually have no idea about their character.  Someone who I thought of as a friend and role model turned out to be a complete hoax.  Can you tell I am hurt? 

But I won't be dwelling on what was not meant to be.  There is plenty to be happy about in life.  My daughter Alexis is now 2 1/2.  Those of you who know her have experienced her boundless energy and radiant smile... You know how tightly she has me wrapped around her finger.  If you have been around me much at all, you also may have noticed how exhausting parenthood can be.  Sometimes I just do not have the energy to paint or get to work in the studio and that can be frustrating.    But somehow I know that all of these experiences in my life right now are adding up to me growing as an artist.  I take my experiences and emotions and stock them up until I get the creative burst of energy and find myself back in my groove.  As any of you artists out there who are reading this know, the romantic title of "artist" loses its glamour shortly after one realizes that is his/her calling.  I recognized quite a while ago that I had not  chosen to live the life of an artist for the money.  I have been very fortunate that the cards have fallen in my favor to support the lifestyle that I enjoy.  It is certainly not something I take for granted.  I am optimistic that 2009 will be a productive year and I intend to be active in my studio and continue to push myself in new artistic directions.

I would like to extend my gratitude to my patrons who have supported my in purchasing my art, despite the state of our economy.  I know there are indicators that 2009 could be another rough year for all of our investments.  I will continue to produce the best art that I am capable of and I hope that you will continue to find my work a worthwhile investment.  Thank you for your support and encouragement.  Although much of the drive to be an artist is born internally, without the rewards of sharing my work with others, I would find little motivation to continue working.

Happy New Year!